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Precision Abrasive Cutting Machines (L)
TN Precision Abrasive Cutting Machine(L)
Model / TNC-255MSL~TNC-355ASL
Product Description
Product Feature
TNC-355ASL 大型精密切割機 TNC-355ASL TNC-355ASL
Clear and easy to observe with a big tempered glass window. Multi-groove V-belt provides high power transmission capacity. Waterproof LED lamps: High-efficiency light sources, Long lifetime. Waterproof membrane switch panel
TNC-355ASL 大型精密切割機 TNC-355ASL TNC-355ASL
User-friendly design: Low operating height and the big window. The unique concave design of spindle provides a spacious cutting chamber. The standard clamping tool adopt screw type vise which ensure secure clamping on variety of samples. The slide-up protection hood: Energy saving and easy operation.
The vise can be adjusted with scale individually. Strength steel and thicker body structure makes the operation more stable.    
Product Specification


Precision Cutting Machine (L)

ITEMModel/ Specification
Appearance Floor-type
Safety MachanismDoor open Main shaft stopinstantly Main shaft and stagefeeding stop instantly Main shaft stopinstantly Main shaft and stagefeeding stop instantly Main shaft stopinstantly Main shaft and stagefeeding stop instantly
Emergency Stop
Overload   Stage feeding stoptemporarily and backto the starting point   Stage feeding stoptemporarily and backto the starting point   Stage feeding stoptemporarily and backto the starting point
DoorsCutting section Slide-up door (strengthen glass)
Base section Front, Right side, Back, Bottom of the motor drive, Control box
Sample sizeRods and Bars ψ70 mm ψ90 mm ψ120 mm
Angle bars T35*L110 mm T40*L130 mm T50*L150 mm
Horizontal length MAX:441 mm
Cutting wheel toright side spindle MAX:300 mm
Operation panel Waterproof membrane switch panel
Specifications and CharacteristicsCutting wheel Outer Dia.ψ255 / Inner Dia. 31.75(25.4) mm Outer Dia.ψ305 / Inner Dia. 31.75(25.4) mm Outer Dia.ψ355 / Inner Dia. 31.75(25.4) mm
Spindle Rotary 2880 RPM(60Hz) / 2400 RPM(50Hz) 2400 RPM(60Hz) / 2100 RPM(50Hz) 2100 RPM(60Hz) / 1750 RPM(50Hz)
Spindle Motor 3HP*2P/(60Hz/50Hz)3P 220V/380V 5HP*2P/(60Hz/50Hz)3P 220V/380V 7.5HP*2P/(60Hz/50Hz)3P 220V/380V
Current 3HP/220V No-Load:4.2A Cutting:5.1~6.8A Full-Load:8.7A5HP/220V No-Load:7.2A Cutting:9.2~11.0A Full-Load:13.5A 7.5HP/220V No-Load:13.2ACutting:18.2~21.0A Full-Load:22.5A
3HP/380V No-Load:2.4A Cutting:2.9~3.9A Full-Load:5.0A5HP/380V No-Load:4.2A Cutting:5.3~6.4A Full-Load:7.8A 7.5HP/380V No-Load:7.6ACutting:10.5~12.1A Full-Load:13.0A
WorkbenchSize 280*280
Route 300
Feeding Manual Manual/ Automatic Manual Manual/ Automatic Manual Manual/ Automatic
Feeding Speed   0~200 mm(Flexible)   0~200 mm(Flexible)   0~200 mm(Flexible)
ViseStructure Detached Clamp * 2 T-type workbench
Opening MAX:95 mm  
Horizontal Move Left and Right Move independently MAX:40 mm T-type workbench
Cooling DeviceStructure Built-in / Double Tank Type (w/ Filter)
Coolant 1:20 (Replenish 1:30)
Tank capacity 50L
Circulation pump 1/8 HP 1/4 HP
Circulation Volume 40L/Min 90L/Min
Size L 525*W 450*H 540 mm
Weight 30Kg
Power Supply AC 220V/380V 60/50Hz, 3P
Power 2.5 KW 4.0 KW 6.0 KW
Current 30A 40A
MachineSize L 900*W 900*H 1400 mm L 900*W 900*H 1450 mm
Weight 353 Kg 370 Kg
Standard Accessories Cutting Wheel x2 pcs、Coolant 1Lx2 btl、Toolbox x1set


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