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Iron Deficiency Day

Iron Deficiency Day

Vifor Pharma has been a pioneer in the development of iron-based products over many decades, establishing itself as the global leader in the treatment of iron. We are committed to raising awareness of iron deficiency and the impact to patients’ lives.

At Vifor Pharma we come together to recognise Iron Deficiency Day every year on 26 November. Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia is estimated to affect up to one third of the global population worldwide11, yet despite the serious consequences and high prevalence of iron deficiency,2 it is still an under-recognised condition.

The Iron Deficiency Day message of “Take Iron Seriously” aims to raise awareness about the symptoms and impact of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia, and encourage the at risk population to seek professional help.

We are very proud that this year we are joining forces with The Heart Failure Policy Network, European Kidney Health Alliance and the to raise global awareness of the serious health problems associated with iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia as we strive to help patients around the world lead better and healthier lives.

What is happening at Vifor Pharma?

On November 26 at our Vifor Pharma locations around the world many activities are occurring: educational events on iron deficiency, hearing directly from patients, ferritin testing (this tests your iron levels) and much more.

Our affiliates and partner teams in Europe, Central and East Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, will be engaging with patients, healthcare professionals and the general public, talking to them about iron deficiency symptoms and treatment options.

For more information please visit: TakeIronSeriously.com


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