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silicone rubber pool tile adhesive

Novagard silicone adhesives and grouts have been leading products in the industry for a variety of OEM and service maintenance needs; proven over countless applications for many years.

Please Note:

  • Sold to Manufacturers and Professional Installers Only
  • Only for Use Above the Waterline


Novagard Adhesives (available in two formulas)

Oxime Neutral Cure

The proven solution for most pool & spa applications with the best adhesion and compatibility with most common substrates. This Novagard adhesive is a one-part RTV silicone adhesive specially formulated for the adhesion of ceramic tile, fiber optics, valves, jet handles, etc. This low odor, neutral cure silicone provides excellent adhesion of ceramic, glass, porcelain and stone tiles to fiberglass pools.

Typical Values:
Tack Free Time (min) 5-15
Full Cure (hour) 24-72

Acetoxy Cure

Where a general-purpose adhesive/sealant will meet your needs, and substrate corrosion (metals, etc.) is not an issue and a general purpose RTV will meet your needs.

Typical Values
Tack Free Time (hour) <1
Full Cure (hour) 24-72

Estimating Requirements:
Novagard Silicone Adhesive coverage is measured in square feet per cartridge.

Application Coverage (approx.)
1/8″ standard notch trowel 4 square feet
1/4″ silicone bead 3.5 to 4 square feet
*When applying silicone beads on the backside of tile, ensure uniform and complete coverage on every tile!

Novagard Tile Grout

Novagard Tile Grout is a one-part RTV silicone sealant specially formulated for grouting ceramic tile. This low-odor, neutral cure silicone is fast and easy to use, requires no mixing and cleans up with soap and water. It is mold and mildew resistant, always remains flexible and won’t crack or fall out of joints.

Typical Values
Tack Free Time (min) 20-25
Full Cure (hours) 24-72

Estimating Requirements:
Novagard Silicone Grout measured in square feet per cartridge

Tile Size Coverage (approx.)
1″ X 1″ 3 square feet
2″ X 2″ 3.5 square feet
3″ X 3″ 4 square feet